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Discover stories about the people connected with County Durham in the First World War. Stories about people who lived or worked in the area, or served in local organisations, appear as pins on the interactive map. You can contribute new stories to this website, or add additional information and media to existing stories.
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John Cloe (1878-1917)

Sergeant who died from anthrax

Henry (Harry) Walton (1888-1918)

Officer from Bishop Auckland won the Military Cross

Edward 'Pete' Ferdinand Thompson

Middlesbrough soldier who served with a pals battalion

Edward Burdon Talbot (1885-1975)

Tailor from Gilesgate

Fred Newby (1899-1972)

Joined the army to avoid the mines

William Woodhead (1895-1971)

Yorkshireman serving with 12th Battalion, Durham Light Infantry

Charles Morton (1895-1918)

Gunner, Royal Field Artillery, moved from Sheffield to South Moor

Sidney Victor Belson (1896-1969)

Served with 2/7th Battalion, and 20th (Wearside) Battalion, Durham Light Infantry

John Readman (1889-1960)

160th (Wearside) Brigade, Royal Field Artillery

Thomas William Robinson 1888-1970

Mentioned in despatches

Sarah Jane Anderson (1893-1950)

Voluntary Aid Detachment nurse from Shotleyfield

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