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The Durham Light Infantry at the Battle of the Somme

DLI 's darkest day on the Somme was 16 September 1916

Durham Light Infantry, 3rd Battalion

Special Reserve battalion

Action at Boetleer's Farm

1st/8th DLI & the Second Battle of Ypres

Arthur Leggett (1894-)

Chester-le-Street saddler taken prisoner of war served with the Durham Light Infantry

Elliot Angus Leybourne (1889-1950)

8 DLI officer interned in Switzerland as prisoner of war

Andrew Wilson (1894-1915)

Bede College student killed at Ypres

Drill Hall, Crook Lane, Barnard Castle

Drill hall commissioned by Durham County Association Territorial Force

Submarine bombardment of Seaham

Colliery town under attack in July 1916

Roland Boys Bradford (1892-1917)

The Victoria Cross brothers of Witton Park

South Shields Seaplane Base

Defending the skies of the north east

John Ridley Ritson (1870-1927)

Taken prisoner at Boetleer's Farm and subsequently commanding officer of 8 DLI

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