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Discover stories about the people connected with County Durham in the First World War. Stories about people who lived or worked in the area, or served in local organisations, appear as pins on the interactive map. You can contribute new stories to this website, or add additional information and media to existing stories.

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Ernest George Crouch (1875-1935)

Journeyman baker rose through the ranks to command 9th DLI awarded DSO

Charles Edward Cummins (1871-1958)

Bishop Auckland printer and stationer served twice in the DLI awarded the DSO

Joseph Patterson Conn (1891-1964)

Newbottle man served with RAMC won Military Medal

Francis Ivan Leslie Ditmas (1876-1969)

Mining Engineer served with 2nd DLI awarded DSO

Joseph Aloysius Louis Downey (1881-1961)

West Hartlepool Librarian served with 13th DLI was awarded DSO

Aubrey Vivian Arthur Gayer (1878-1940)

Australian who commanded 20th DLI awarded the DSO and Bar

Gerald Lionel Wood (1883-1961)

Officer with 10th and 2/5th Battalions Durham Light Infantry

Frank Paterson (1890-1919)

Owner of Hartlepool laundry served with Royal Garrison Artillery

Edith Sheddon Robson (1887-)

Durham born woman served as a VAD nurse both in Durham and abroad

Joseph Grundy Robinson (1896-1920)

West Pelton man served with RAMC

Thomas Andrews Bradford (1886-1966)

Only surviving 'Fighting Bradford' of Witton Park.

Nora Cecilia Deary (1882-1966)

Sunderland shipyard worker claimed compensation for unfair dismissal

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