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Discover stories about County Durham places in the First World War. Stories about sites, buildings and monuments connected with the war appear as pins on the interactive map. You can contribute new stories to this website, or add additional information and media to existing stories.

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Moor street synagogue in Sunderland

Plaque to the fallen men from the Jewish Community in Sunderland originally situated in Moor Street Synagogue

17th Durham Voluntary Aid Hospital

The Red House, Etherley, Bishop Auckland

Livingstone Road Drill Hall and Garrison Field, Sunderland

7th Durham Light Infantry drill hall and parade ground

Mission for German Seamen, Sunderland

Second Oldest German Seaman's Mission in England

Hebburn Hall

18th Voluntary Aid Detachment Hospital

Mayfield, Pine Street, Jarrow

10th Durham Voluntary Aid Detachment Hospital

Argyle Football Field, Hebburn

Used to play munitionettes charity football match

The wreck of the Steam Tug Cretehawser

Sunderland’s Concrete Tugs

Assembly Rooms Theatre, Durham City

Cinema hall screened The Battle of the Somme film in 1916

Darlington National Shell Factory

Works on North East Railway land produced wartime munitions

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