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Discover stories about events that happened in County Durham in the First World War. Events connected with the war, such as enemy bombardment, appear as pins on the interactive map. You can contribute new stories to this website, or add additional information and media to existing stories.

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The Capture of the Steam Trawler Loch Ryan

Hartlepool Trawler captured by a German U-Boat and taken to Germany as a Prize

Party of wounded soldiers visit Stanhope

Trip to Stanhope Castle arranged by Mr JJ Aubin

The Hartlepool Bombardment: A forgotten victim

The destruction of the Wayside Flower HL4

The loss of the Steam Trawler Doris Burton

The Trawler that Disappeared, November 1914

Meeting of Stanley War Savings (and Food Economy) Committee

Councillors discussed the best method of encouraging food savings

Food conference at Durham

Rationing and waste discussed in 1917

Polling day in Sunderland, 1918

Women vote for the first time

Food disturbance in South Shields

Women arrested over a bag of sugar

Southwick Airplane Disaster

Five people killed during Food Controller's meeting in Southwick

The Russian Revolution, 1917

March and October revolutions that saw the abdication of the Czar and the Bolshevik take-over

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