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Christopher Gaines (1887-1942)

Monkswearmouth man served as Company Quartermaster Sergeant in Durham Light Infantry

Christopher Gaines was born in Monkwearmouth, Sunderland, County Durham, in 1887. He was still living in this place when he enlisted with the Durham Light Infantry in Sunderland on 24th September 1914. Just four days later, he got married to Ann Gregson in Newcastle Upon Tyne.

He had already served with another unit and on the 2nd of October 1914 he was first posted to 18th Battalion DLI. In December of that year, he was one of the soldiers from 18th DLI who participated in the defence of Hartlepool during the German bombardment.

Some months later, on the 29th of July 1915, he was posted to 21st DLI. He was soon promoted to Corporal (1/10/15), and was an acting Sergeant (20/11/15) just some time before he actually became a Company Quartermaster Sergeant (22/1/16). When the 21st DLI became the 87th Training Reserve Battalion, CQMS Gaines was posted to it on the 1st of September 1916.
In 1919 he was in the Depot DLI.

During the years after the war, Christopher Gaines moved to Lancashire, where he died in September 1942.

Civil Parish: Sunderland

Birth date: 1887-Sep-18

Death date: 1942-Sep-20

Armed force/civilian: Army

Residence: Monkwearmouth, Sunderland, County Durham (birth place)
27 Wayman Street, Monkwearmouth (1891, 1901 census)
88 Wayman Street, Monkwearmouth (1911 census)
Bees Cottage, Bridge Street, Durham (1919)
218 South Meadow Lane, Preston, Lancashire (1942)

Religion: Church of England

Organisation membership: 18th Battalion, Durham Light Infantry; 21st DLI; 87th Training Reserve Battalion

Employment: Solicitors clerk (1911 census)
Clerk (1914)

Family: Wife: Ann (nee Gregson), married in Newcastle on the 28th of September 1914
Daughter: Nancy, born in 1916
Father: William Gaines
Mother: Elizabeth (nee Gatenby)
Sister: Annie Isabella

Military service:

Private/ Corporal/ Sergeant/ Company Quartermaster Sergeant (CQMS)
Regimental number: 18/504, later 110440
18th Battalion, Durham Light Infantry; 21st DLI; 87th Training Reserve Battalion

Medal(s): British War Medal

Memorial(s): Plaque 1914-1918, Independent Methodist Warwick Street, Monkwearmouth

Gender: Male

Contributed by John Sheen | Durham at War Volunteer