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Farrance Thomas Glazin

Served at the South Shields Seaplane Base

Farrance Glazin orginally hailed from Long Melton in Suffolk, where he and his family lived in his grandfather’s house. Before the war he was a carpenter and joiner. During the war Farrance served as an air mechanic on the base. While in South Shields he sent a postcard to his wife, Kitty, which showed his barracks and where the trams ran. He points out that “…this photo was taken in the summer time”. Perhaps alluding to the fact that the weather he experienced in the Northeast was not so clement!

Civil Parish: South Shields

Birth date: 1892

Death date: 1976

Armed force/civilian: Navy

Residence: Saint Catherine’s Road, Melford, Suffolk (1901 and 1911 census)

Employment: Carpenter and joiner

Family: Grandfather: Thomas L Sore;
Grandmother: Maryann Sore;
Father: Farrance Glazin;
Mother: Elizabeth Mary Glazin;
Siblings: Eva Adeline Glazin, Winifred Maude Glazin, Gertrude Mary Glazin
(1901 and 1911 census)

Gender: Male

Contributed by Durham County Record Office