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Robert Whillis Todd

Served at South Shields Seaplane Base

Robert was a local lad. According to the census he was born in Newcastle. In 1911 he was working as a commercial traveller for a building merchants and living with his widowed mother. In the previous census his father was still alive and is accredited with the rather grand-sounding title of “Telegraphic Civil Servant”. Whether his wages went very far with 8 children is another matter! Robert appears in the medical journal as he suffered from a bout of bronchitis.

Civil Parish: South Shields

Birth date: 1884

Death date: 1947

Armed force/civilian: Navy

Residence: 1901: 45 Glouchester Street, Newcastle;
1911: 59 Glouchester Street, Newcastle;
1947: 1 Frazer Avenue, Horforth, Leeds (Probate Calenders)

Employment: Commercial traveller and assistant manager (ADM/188/606)

Family: Father: Andrew F Todd (1901 census);
Mother: Mary Agnes Todd (1911 census);
Siblings: Florence Todd, Catherine Whillis Todd, Fanny Love Todd, Eveline Todd, Mabel Agnes Todd (1911 census), Agnes Todd, David Todd (1901 census)

Gender: Male

Contributed by Durham County Record Office