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Recruiting in Teesdale: "Why Conscription"

Article from the Teesdale Mercury

A Teesdale correspondent writes: Captain Horsfall (4th Yorkshire Regiment), with non-commissioned officer and five men, have just completed a recruiting campaign in Teesdale. Their headquarters were at the Fox and Hounds Hotel, Cotherstone. They were greatly assisted by Mrs Addison, of Romaldkirk, and Mr Ernest Lingford, JP, of Cotherstone, who placed their motor-cars at their disposal, thus enabling them to quickly visit the villages and hamlets for many miles around. I have it on the most reliable authority that they interviewed some two hundred active, healthy, single young men. Although twenty of these promised to attend for attestation, only ONE – large type, please – fulfilled his engagement, and was brave enough to join the ranks of the noble boys who are patriotically fighting for King and country. Will you allow on comment, dear Mr Editor? Surely this is a sufficient reply to those who are now asking – “Why conscription?”

Date: 09-Jun-1915

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Contributed by Durham County Record Office

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