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Durham Man on HMS Invincible: First-Class Stoker James Cochrane

Transcript of Durham Advertiser article regarding Durham man lost at the Battle of Jutland

Among the brave lads who lost their lives in the sinking of HMS Invincible in last week’s great naval battle off Jutland was First Class Stoker James Cochrane, son of Mr Robert Cochrane, of Red Hills Terrace, Durham. Stoker Cochrane, who was only 27 years of age, joined the Navy when quite a youth, and altogether has spend eight years in the service. on the outbreak of war he was called up on the Royal Fleet Reserve, and was posted to HMS Invincible, on which he has since served. About a month ago he came home to Durham on a week’s leave, and rejoined the ill-fated battle cruiser in time to take part in the great battle of the 31st May. Since the news of the loss of the vessel hopes have been entertained that Cochrane may have been saved, but any such hopes were dispelled on Wednesday by the receipt of an official intimation from the Admiralty by his father, notifying him that his son, according to records received, is not among the survivors and is feared to have been lost.

The greatest sympathy is extended to Mr Robert Cochrane and family in their sad bereavement.

Date: 9 June 1916

Where to find this: Durham County Record Office

Contributed by Durham County Record Office

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