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Saltwell Towers, Gateshead

St John's Ambulance Brigade Hospital

Type: Hospital

The following information comes from records held at the archives at the Museum of the Order of St John, and is used with their kind permission. Reference OSJ/1/1/12/3:

St John Hospital, Saltwell Towers, Gateshead
September 15th 1917

Commandant: Mrs Palmer

Hospital: This is a house which has been lent for the purpose of a hospital.

Beds: 50 beds in
8 wards. Also a surgery.

Trained staff: 2 Sisters living in

Massage: 1 Masseuse (paid)

VADs: 7 work in shifts. All live out with the exception of one.

Paid help: 2 Charwomen

Remarks: This hospital which is an annexe to Winney House is in very good order. The wards are light and airy, it is situated in a park and there is every convenience for patients and staff.

Signed: SA Swift

1) Number of beds: 50
Whether for officers only: /
Whether for officers and rank & file: /
Stating numbers of each: /
Whether for rank & file alone: 50

2) Staff provided
Number of medical men available: 6
Number of nurses fully trained: 2

3) Whether full provision of
a) beds: yes
b) hospital stores and drugs: yes
c) food: yes

4) Are you prepared to undertake the whole cost of maintenance, including pay of entire staff, if so, for how long? No

If not, state definitely what financial aid is required: 3/- per day per head

Commandant: Mrs CB Palmer

Note – this hospital has been authorised by DDLS Northern Command as an extension of Whinney House Auxiliary Hospital and is now fully [manned].

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Civil Parish: Gateshead

Contributed by Joy C | Alex W | Durham County Record Office