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Henry Archibald (1896-1916)

Sunderland born man served in the Royal Navy on HMS Turbulent at the Battle of Jutland

Henry Archibald was born on 10 February 1896 in Sunderland. His father was Charles Henry Archibald (1864-1937) who was born in Ireland. He was a donkey-man in the Merchant Navy whose travels must have taken him to Sunderland. He married Margaret Jane Archibald nee Renwick (1874), a brass finisher’s daughter, in 1891 in Sunderland. Three children, including Henry, were born there during the 1890s before the family moved to Poplar, London sometime in 1900.

The family lived at 30 Plevna Street, Poplar, London at the time of the 1901 census although the father appears to have been away at sea. A further five children were born in London. At the time of the 1911 census they lived at 32 Portree Street, Poplar, London where Henry was working as a printer’s clerk.

Henry joined the Royal Navy on 28 January 1916 to serve for the duration of hostilities. He was given the service number M30606 and the rating of stoker 2nd class. He spent an initial three months training at HMS Pembroke at Chatham before joining the crew of HMS Turbulent on 12 May 1916. HMS Turbulent was a destroyer. It was sunk by the German battleship SMS Westfalen in the early hours of 1 June 1916 during the Battle of Jutland. Only 13 men survived from a crew of 109. Henry was one of those lost and his body was not recovered for burial. He is honoured on the Chatham Naval Memorial.

Henry Archibald was awarded the Victory Medal and the British War Medal for his service in World War One.

Civil Parish: Sunderland

Birth date: 10-Feb-1896

Death date: 01-Jun-1916

Armed force/civilian: Navy

Residence: Sunderland (1896 birthplace)
30 Plevna Street, Poplar, London (1901 census)
32 Portree Street, Poplar, London (1911 census)

Employment: Printer’s clerk (1911 census)

Family: Parents: Charles Henry Archibald (1864-1937), Margaret Jane Archibald nee Renwick (1874)
Siblings: Lillian Archibald (1895), William Archibald (1899), Margaret Archibald (1902), Charles Archibald (1903), Arthur Archibald (1908), Evelyn Archibald (1910), Frederick Stanley Archibald (1911)

Military service:

Stoker 2nd class
HMS Pembroke, 28 January 1916 - 11 May 1916
HMS Turbulent 12 May 1916 - 1 June 1916

Medal(s): Victory Medal
British War Medal

Memorial(s): Chatham Naval Memorial

Gender: Male

Contributed by David D, Stanley, Co Durham

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