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17 North Bailey, Durham

5th Durham Voluntary Aid Detachment Hospital

Type: Hospital

The following information comes from records held at the archives at the Museum of the Order of St John, and is used with their kind permission. Reference OSJ/1/1/12/6:

VAD Hospital, 17 North Bailey, Durham
14th September 1917

Commandant: Miss Robson

Hospital: This is a house which has been lent for this purpose of a hospital.

Beds: 41 beds in
9 wards

Trained staff: 1 Matron

Massage: 2 visiting Masseuse

VADs: 10 work in shifts, including cooks. All live out.

Paid help: 2 Charwomen

Remarks: This hospital is in a roomy old house in a street. There is a garden at the back. It has just been transferred from being affiliated to the 1st Northern General Hospital to Sunderland War Hospital, so for the present there are no patients. There are the necessary conveniences, but only one bathroom.

Signed: SA Swift

For further information:
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Civil Parish: Durham

Contributed by Durham County Record Office