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Frederick Thomas Sprules

MIA while serving at South Shields Seaplane Base

Aircraftman Frederick Thomas Sprules was on a mission around the Farne Islands when the seaplane that he was on, flown by Temporary Sub-Lieutenant MacAloney, went missing. After just after little more than 2 months in the Royal Naval Air Service Sprules was presumed drowned on 22nd November 1917.

Civil Parish: South Shields

Birth date: 1886

Death date: 1917

Armed force/civilian: Navy

Residence: 37 Three Mill Lane, Bromley (1901 census)
20 Bruce Road, Bromley (1911 census)

Organisation membership: Royal Naval Air Service

Employment: Driver Mechanic (ADM 188/629)

Family: Father: Thomas Sprules;
Mother: Elizabeth Sarah Sprules;
Siblings: Elizabeth Sprules, Thomas Sprules, Daniel Sprules, Frances Sprules, William Sprules, George Sprules, Bertie Sprules
(1901, 1911 censuses)

Military service:

Joined up: Sep 1917
Transferred to South Shields Seaplane Base: Oct 1917
(ADM 188/629)

Gender: Male

Contributed by Durham County Record Office

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