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Thomas George Baxter (1899-1918)

Durham miner who served in 1/8th D.L.I. died in a prisoner-of-war hospital and is buried in Cologne.

Ernest Eggleston (1895-1919)

Second Lieutenant who served with the 20th DLI died in Cologne in 1919

John Jackson (1887-1918)

Wheatley Hill miner served in 21 Northumberland Fusiliers died a POW buried in Cologne

Alexander Blackwood Gay (1901-1920)

Newcastle miner served with 3rd and 1st DLI shot accidentally and buried in Cologne

Norman Campbell Robinson (1898-1918)

Stockton man served with 5th KOYLI buried in Cologne

John Gordon "George" Gray (1900-1919)

Newcastle chauffeur served with 20th DLI accidentally shot buried in Cologne

William Harold Nichols (1899-1918)

Thornaby tram driver served in 1/8 DLI died as a POW and is buried in Cologne

Leslie Howard Turner (1899-1919)

Surrey man who served in 20 DLI died and is buried in Cologne

Thomas Gibson Stearman (1890-1915)

Chester Moor man served with 8th DLI shot and died of his wounds buried in Cologne

William Stafford (1888-1918)

Ryhope man served with 1/7th DLI died in a prisoner of war camp buried in Cologne