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Hospital at Chilton Moor

Sunderland Daily Echo, 27 January 1915


The members of the Hetton-le-Hole Voluntary Aid Detachment, Durham 32, have opened a hospital in the Long Room, Chilton Moor, Fence Houses, attached to the “Pals” Battalion, Cocken Hall, and the Scottish Horse, Lumley. The building is the property of the Marquis of Londonderry, who has most generously lent and equipped it for the purposes of a hospital, and whose workmen have been engaged for several weeks past in making necessary alterations and additions. All those concerned wish to take this opportunity of expressing their grateful thanks for the un-stinted help given by his Lordship.

The detachment also wishes to acknowledge with sincere thanks gifts received from Lady Anne Lambton, Cambridge Hall (per Mr C. B. Palmer), Lambton Working Party, Fence Houses (per Mrs Sharpe), Mr B. Brough, Mr V. W. Corbett, Mrs Chaloner, Mrs T. Carr, Messrs G. Graham, Ltd., Mrs F. Hall, Mrs Redmond, Mrs Sharpe, Mrs J. Thorman, Mr Tonks, Mrs T. Wood, Mrs Stewart Watson, Mrs Warlock and Mr Wyllie.

Gifts of groceries, all kinds of provisions, fruit and vegetables, tobacco and cigarettes, writing pads and stamped envelopes are specially needed and will be thankfully received by Mrs F. Smith, Chilton Moor House, Fence Houses, and by Miss Adamson, Hetton House, Hetton-le-Hole, R. S. O., and will be acknowledged in this paper from time to time.

Date: 27-Jan-1915

Author: Sunderland Daily Echo

Where to find this: British Newspaper Archive

Contributed by Fiona Johnson - Durham

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