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Final Report by Oracle Heritage Services (46 pages; 6567KB) 

Durham at War Lidar Landscapes East Durham

Project Report 2018

In 2017, an initial Lidar project took place as part of the Durham at War project. It was designed to serve two purposes. First, to enable volunteers with an interest in landscape archaeology to familiarise themselves with Lidar and its use in archaeological survey. Second, to examine a series of areas where it was known or suspected that features relating to the First World War survived, and to carefully study the Lidar in order to record any remnants of these sites, and any other features of potential archaeological importance, that survive above ground.

Despite a lack of significant finds, the project was considered a success and it was decided to carry out a further project in 2018, looking at a continuous area of the county, as opposed to individual site as in 2017. We also decided to look at larger area. It was decided that the east of the county would be covered as there were several different types of First World War activity in the area, and there was Lidar coverage. The report covers results in these areas:
Castle Eden golf course
Old Wingate medieval village
Yoden medieval village, Peterlee
Byers Garth, Sherburnhouse Mill, and Sherburnhouse Colliery
Low Haswell
Easington Colliery
Ludworth Colliery
Murton Colliery
Wheatley Hill Colliery

The project was designed by Project Consultant Paul Frodsham (ORACLE Heritage Services) working in close consultation with a Project Management Team consisting of Victoria Oxberry (Durham at War Project Officer), Liz Bregazzi (County Archivist) and Nick Boldrini (County Durham Historic Environment Record Officer).

Date: Dec-2019

Author: Oracle Heritage Services

Contributed by Durham County Record Office | Oracle Heritage Services | Durham County Council Archaeology Section