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Database of VAD workers in County Durham, A-K (PDF, 1,525KB, 204 pages) 

Database of VAD workers in County Durham, L-Y (PDF, 1,587KB, 219 pages) 

VAD workers in County Durham

Database of men and women who worked for the Red Cross and Saint John's Ambulance

Using the record cards to be found on the British Red Cross website (see link below), Mavis Dixon has compiled this amazing database of County Durham men and women who worked for Voluntary Aid Detachments during the First World War. Voluntary Aid Detachments operated 28 hospitals in County Durham during the First World War, staffed largely by volunteers. As well as nursing, the VADs made use of cooks, cleaners, menders, masseuses, doctors, drivers and air raid wardens. In addition, some nurses left County Durham and worked all over Britain, as well as in France, Belgium and Salonika.

In addition to extracting the information from their Red Cross/Saint John’s record cards, Mavis has consulted other family history resources about each of the names on the list. See the “Further information” column on the database.

Mavis’s database contains over 3,400 entries. Because of its size, the database has been split into two parts; surnames A-K and also L-Y. Please click on the red “Download PDF” button to see these parts.

Please note that it should be possible to zoom in and out for ease of use – the plus and minus buttons should appear in the bottom right-hand corner of your screen to facilitate this (Chrome). If you are searching for a particular person, please search by pressing CTRL+F and typing in the word or name that you are looking for.

British Red Cross, First World War Voluntary Aid Detachment database:

Donmouth website, page about VAD hospitals in Northumberland and County Durham:

Scarlet Finders website, page on VADs:

Contributed by Mavis Dixon