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Lost British Warships: Tyne built vessels in the list

Transcript of an article from the Shields Daily Gazette

The battle cruiser Queen Mary was a Jarrow built ship, and was launched in March, 1912. Her length was 660ft, and breadth 38ft, and her displacement was 27,000. Her complement was about 950 officers and men.

The battle cruiser Invincible was also built on the Tyne and was launched in April, 1907. Her dimensions are much smaller than then Queen Mary. With a length of 530ft, and a breadth of 78ft, the displacement of the Invincible was 17,250 tons. Her complement was 730.

The Indefatigable, also a battle cruiser, was built at Devonport and was launched in 1911. She is about the same size as the Invincible, but has a displacement of about 1,000 tons more. The number of men on board was 900.

The three smaller cruisers mentioned in the dispatch were built, the Defence and the Warrior at Pembroke, and the Black Prince at Blackwall. They have all bout the same displacement, about 13,000 to 4,000 tons.

Among the destroyers lost was the Tipperary, and the Ardent, in the same class as the Sparrowhawke, was launched in 1913.

Of the destroyers mentioned as having been sunk, Sparrowhawke was built by Messrs Swan, Hunter and Wigham Richardson, Wallsend, in 1912. She was fitted with tur-Chilian Almicante [?] Rivets. The Sparrowhawke was 260ft long, with a beam of 27ft. The Ardent and Fortune were similar ships, built on the Clyde.

The armament of the Queen Mary, which cost upwards of two millions sterling, was eight 13.5 inch and sixteen 4 inch guns.

The Indefatigable carried eight 12 inch and sixteen 4 inch guns.

The Invincible’s armament was similar to that of Indefatigable.

The Defence mounted four 9.2 and ten 7.5 inch guns. The Black Prince and the Warrior carried six 9.2 and four 7.5 inch guns.

Date: 3 June 1916

Where to find this: Durham County Record Office

Contributed by Durham County Record Office