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Four Durham Pals of 18th Battalion DLI.

Photograph taken at Framwellgate Moor, Durham.

On the back of the picture is the following message: “Dear Friends just a line to let you know I am going on alright. I have been down two or three times but I havn’t had much time. I will call and see you at the first opportunity. From your friend Private R Weatherall, D Company, 1st County Battalion, No 1 Mess Cocken Hall.”

The photograph was posted the 25th of November 1914 at Fencehouses, to Mrs P Hudson, 85 Studley Road, West Hartlepool, from R. Weatherall. This is Robert Weatherall 18/907, from West Hartlepool, who is in the photograph.

Where to find this: John Sheen’s personal collection

Contributed by John Sheen

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