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Durham Light Infantry, 10th Battalion War Diary

Official war diaries in The National Archives

Diaries recording the movements and operations of the 10th Battalion, Durham Light Infantry, also contains supplemental instructions and reports.

WO 95/1907/1 May 1915-March 1916, diary and reports

WO 95/1907/2 April 1916-August 1916, diary and reports

WO 95/1907/3 September 1916-December 1916, diary and reports

WO 95/1907/4 January 1917, diary and reports

WO 95/1907/5 February 1917-March 1917, diary and reports

WO 95/1907/6 Extracts from the diary of [Morant] July 1915-December 1916

WO 95/1908/1 April 1917- February 1918, diary and reports

WO 95/700 February 1918-April 1918

Date: 1915-May to 1918-Apr

Reference: WO 95/1907; WO 95/1908; WO 95/700

Where to find this: The National Archives

Contributed by Durham County Record Office