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John James Jewitt (1888-1917)

Northumberland man served with 10th DLI killed at the Battle of Arras

John James Jewitt was born in Stocksfield, Northumberland, in about 1888. At the time of the 1901 census he was living with his grandparents at Mickley Grange. It is not possible to say for definite who his mother was from this source, although it could have been Jane Anne Jewitt, the unmarried daughter of Joseph and Elizabeth Jewitt.

John was killed in action on 9 April 1917 at the Battle of Arras and his name appears in the Durham Cathedral Book of Remembrance. The Book of Solders’ Effects lists his legatees as Uncle John and Aunt Sarah. However, his testator according to the probate calendars of 1919 was Joseph Jewett of Mickley Grange. It is possible that this was his grandfather but he would have been 95 years old by this date. John James’s estate was valued at £338 15s 4d for probate.

Birth date: 1888

Death date: 09-Apr-1917

Armed force/civilian: Army

Residence: Mickley Grange Farm, Stocksfield, Northumberland (1901 and 1911 census)

Family: Grandparents: Joseph Jewitt, Elizabeth Jewitt
Mother or aunt: Jane Anne Jewitt
Sister or cousin: Beatrice Jewitt
Uncle: John Jewitt (married to Sarah Jewitt)
Cousin?: Sarah Jewitt, Joseph Jewitt, Henry Jewitt

Military service:

10th Battalion Durham Light Infantry
Service number: 26221

Memorial(s): Arras Memorial Bay 8
Durham Cathedral Book of Remembrance

Gender: Male

Contributed by Susan Metcalfe

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