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Edward Clark (1896-1918)

Haswell man served in the Royal Naval Reserve on HMS Iphigenia at the raid on Zeebrugge

George McKruly (1891-1918)

South Shields man served with Royal Navy killed at Zeebrugge

Eleanor Caroline Christopher (1873-1959)

Principal at St Hild’s Teacher Training College for women during the war years

St Hild's College, Durham

Teacher training college for women in Durham

Sidney Asher (1897-1916)

Sunderland born man remembered on plaque at Moor Street Synagogue

Myer Gallewski (1897-1917)

Sunderland man remembered on plaque at Moor Street Synagogue

Alexandra Fisher (1874-1958)

Head mistress at Bishop Auckland Girl’s County School from 1917

Isabella Pearson Johnson nee Vasey (1865-1951)

Married Sergeant Johnson, a worker at Stanhope Prisoner of War Camp in 1917

Edith Jane Dale (1865-1956)

Wife of High Sheriff of County Durham appealed for donations of pearls

Durham County Council's dairy and poultry school at Sherburn Hall

School training women in dairy work and poultry keeping during the war

Eliza Anna Maidment (1868-1950)

Principal of Durham County Council’s dairy and poultry school

Thomas Scarff (1868-1954)

Miner from Shildon declined to serve as council chairman due to pacifist beliefs

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