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Discover stories about the people connected with County Durham in the First World War. Stories about people who lived or worked in the area, or served in local organisations, appear as pins on the interactive map. You can contribute new stories to this website, or add additional information and media to existing stories.

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Samuel Ward (1891-1916)

Private in the 15th DLI, died of wounds received at the Battle of the Somme

James Davison (1882-1916)

Father of seven from Jarrow served in 15th DLI and died at the Battle of the Somme

Sam Bailiff (1897-1916)

Annfield Plain lad who served in 15th DLI died at the Battle of the Somme

Piers William North (1871-1959)

Channel Islander who commanded the 20th DLI, was awarded the DSO

John George Lazonby (1879-1941)

Born in Stockton-On-Tees served with 5th Field Butchery, Australian Supply Column on the Western Front

Ernest Green (1889-1965)

Sunderland man served with Canadian Army Medical Corps in France

Joseph Henry Metcalfe Garry (1875-1950)

Stockton man served with the Canadian Army

William Teasdale (1884-1917)

Born in Burnopfield, killed serving with Canadian Railway Troops, remembered on the Vimy Memorial

Garnet Foster (1882-1961)

Shildon man served with Canadian Army lost an arm at St. Eloi

James Sherwood Gaine (1891-1959)

East Boldon man in Canadian Motor Machine Gun Brigade

Arnold Gaine (1892-)

East Boldon man served as lieutenant in the Canadian Army

Edward Fairbairn (1889-)

Gateshead man served with Canadian Army awarded the Military Medal

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