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Discover stories about the people connected with County Durham in the First World War. Stories about people who lived or worked in the area, or served in local organisations, appear as pins on the interactive map. You can contribute new stories to this website, or add additional information and media to existing stories.

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George Dodd Roberts (1889-1935)

School teacher from Tow Law served as lieutenant with 6th DLI

Alfred Turner (1894-)

Bede scholar injured during training in the RAF

Henry Richards (1896-1915)

Seaham lad in Canadian Army taken prisoner at Ypres died from effects of chlorine gas

George William Stayman (1885-1916)

Sunderland man served with Canadian Army remembered on the Menin Gate

James Parker Sewell (1888-1919)

South Shields man served with the Canadian Army Mentioned in Despatches

Thomas Currie Sigsworth (1882-1916)

South Shields man served with Canadian Army killed in Belgium

Percy Ledger Raw (1878-1952)

Hamsteels born joiner ended his service in Canadian Army as a clerk in Canada

William George Rogers (1897-1916)

Older of two Spennymoor brothers in Canadian Army

Christopher Edgar Wyon Rogers (1896-1916)

One of two Spennymoor brothers killed serving with Canadian Army

Harry Blackman (1888-1961)

Sunderland man served with Canadian Army in France, Belgium and Germany

Robert Adam Blench (1886-1939)

Gateshead man served Canadian Army awarded Military Medal

John Caveney (1890-1986)

Gateshead youth in the Canadian Forestry Corps

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