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Discover stories about the people connected with County Durham in the First World War. Stories about people who lived or worked in the area, or served in local organisations, appear as pins on the interactive map. You can contribute new stories to this website, or add additional information and media to existing stories.

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Thomas Telford Edmundson (1894-1915)

From Sunderland, served with the 7th Battalion DLI, killed in action 26 April 1915.

Frederick John Owers (1890-1918)

Boldon Colliery man served in the Canadian Expeditionary Force

Albert Edward Owers (1899-1963)

Private in Canadian Army Young Soldiers' Battalion

George William Owers (1888-1972)

Boldon Colliery man emigrated to Canada before returning to serve in British Army

Richard 'Dick' Houghton (1893-1916)

Brandon born miner's son fought with 31st AIF at Fromelles died of wounds

Frederick Pamely (1897-1918)

Pupil from King James, Bishop Auckland killed in France serving in Canadian Expeditionary Force

Thomas Trueman (1894-1918)

Gateshead steelwork erector served as an ordinary seaman in the Royal Navy

Richard Jones (1871-)

Son of 'Vicar of Cornforth' served with AIF and Church Army on Western Front

Alfred William Ogilvy (1899-1916)

South Shields youth enlisted in the Canadian Army and died of pneumonia on his return to England

Vincent Taylor (1891-1917)

Confectioner from Newark joined DLI commemorated on Arras Memorial

Alfred George Cotton (1888-1917)

London born french polisher served with DLI commemorated on Arras Memorial

William Smith (1895-1918)

Stanhope born man served as an acting sergeant in the Royal Marines Medical Unit

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