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Report of "Sale of Hutments" at Stanhope Prisoner of War Camp

Transcript from Sunderland Echo

Messrs James Turnbull and Son, Chester le Street, offered for auction 50 hutments and fitting at the Prisoners’ of War Camp, Stanhope. There was a very large attendance of buyers from all parts of England and Wales and bidding throughout was brisk. The principal prices realised were: – Messroom, 130ft by 28ft by 12ft, brought £410; hospital, 100ft by 16ft by 9ft, £280; guardroom, 130ft by 15ft by 9ft, £205; hut, 60ft by 30ft by 9ft, £200, hut, 60ft by 15ft by 9ft, £165; officers’ quarters, 110ft by 15ft by 9ft, £180; hut 60ft by 15ft by 9ft, £115, quartermaster’s stores, 70ft by 15ft by 9ft, £104.

Date: 6-Aug-1919

Where to find this: British Newspaper Archive

Contributed by Durham County Record Office

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