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Award of DCM to Sergeant George Jacobs' wife

Transcript of article from Sheffield Daily Telegraph

The Loyal North
King holds investiture at Newcastle

Newcastle-on-Tyne shared the King and Queen with other districts of the North East on Friday and Saturday but today had them all to itself. On the ground of St James’ football club the King held an open-air investiture at which he decorated gallant fellows who had done splendid war service or the nearest relatives of those who had paid for their well-won rewards with their lives…

There were 120 decorations in all. Each recipient was called forward singly, and the King personally invested him, saying a word or two of commendation, or sympathy, or congratulation, as the case might be…

Specially moving were the awards to next of kin…The widow of Sergeant George Jacobs, R.A.M.C., who received his D.C.M., also was accompanied by her little boy. The youngster was too shy to shake hands with their Majesties, but the queen patted his head and cheek and seemed inclined to hug the little one, a demonstration of sympathy that elicited great cheering.

Date: 18-Jun-1917

Author: Sheffield Daily Telegraph

Contributed by Fiona Johnson - Durham

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