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Letter from Captain Charles Pumphrey

Requesting discharge from the army

VIII Corps

I wish to make the following statement and request:
I lost my left arm in action in August 1916, and was in England till January 24th 1918, when at my own request I was again sent out to France. I asked to be sent because I could only get a recruiting job in England. A week before being sent out to France I was recommended for discharge to take up my civilian employment, but the order to rejoin the BEF [British Expeditionary Force] came through first. I have been Burials Officer and Assistant Salvage Officer to the Corps, but have had no action since early in April when we handed over to the Second Corps. There seems to be no immediate prospect of having any work to do. In view of the following facts:
1) I am unemployed.
2) I have important civilian work to do as I am director and assistant general manager of the Ashington Coal Company Ltd, who are anxious to get me back.

I find the loss of my army a greater handicap out here than I expected.

The shock of my wound has made a slight stammer much worse, thus incapacitating me for most jobs.

I hope you will recommend that I should be sent to England with a view to being discharged from the Army.

CE Pumphrey
Captain, General List
(Late 10th Durham LI)

Date: 30-May-1918

Author: Charles Ernest Pumphrey

Reference: WO 339/69741

Where to find this: The National Archives

Contributed by Durham County Record Office

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