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Kindly Offer of Assistance in Tracing Missing Relatives or Friends

Transcript of letter to the Teesdale Mercury from Constance Sewart, wife of the vicar of Brignall

To the Editor of the ‘Teesdale Mercury’
Dear Sir – I should be so much obliged if you would kindly mention in the ‘Teesdale Mercury’ that I shall be very glad to help anyone who requires it, to trace any relatives or friends who are reported missing: also, if any are prisoners or war, I can give them all information about sending parcels, etc. and will gladly write letters for any who may find it difficult to do so, and I will, or course, pay any expenses in postage connected with the enquiries. If they will kindly send me the name, regimental number, etc. and date when missing, if they have official intimation of this, if not, to send me any letter they have received giving the information. If any live near enough to come and see me it will be better still. I am always to be found at home on Sundays, any time after 3 o’clock. I have done this for several people lately, and I think there is a need at the present time for someone to take up this work, and I will do it gladly. Thursday, Friday and Saturday, this week, I shall be at home any evening after 7 o’clock. Thanking you in anticipation, yours sincerely, Constance Sewart, Brignall Rectory, August 13th 1918

Date: 14-Aug-1918

Where to find this: The Teesdale Mercury Archive online

Contributed by Durham County Record Office

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