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Database of Conscientious Objectors in County Durham (pdf, 48 pages, 537KB) 

Conscientious Objectors in County Durham

Database of men who refused to bear arms

In collaboration with Cyril Pearce, who has created a national database of First World War conscientious objectors, Mavis Dixon has produced this database of men from County Durham who refused conscription due on religious, political or moral grounds. A range of sources were consulted in the compilation of this list including newspapers and various archives, these are referenced in the column headed “Notes”.

Because of the amount of information contained in it, it has been necessary to publish the database to this site so that the writing appears to be rather small when the document is first opened. Please note that it should be possible to zoom in and out for ease of use – the plus and minus buttons should appear in the bottom right-hand corner of your screen to facilitate this (Chrome). It is also possible to do a keyword search within the document by pressing CTRL+F and typing in the word or name that you are looking for.

Contributed by Mavis Dixon | Cyril Pearce