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Map showing the coast defences of the 3rd Battalion Durham Light Infantry, May 1918

Shows coastal defences between South Shields and Whitburn Rocks

This map shows the location of trenches, billets, Stokes Mortar emplacements, machine gun emplacements, telephone communications, obstacles, bomb stores and regimental aid posts, from the Groyne Lighthouse, at the mouth of the River Tyne, to Whitburn Rocks, via South Pier, Trow Point, Graham’s Sands, Frenchman’s Bay, Man Haven, Velvet Beds, Marsden Rock, Lizard Point and Byer’s Hole.

Inland locations include South Shields seaplane sheds, North and South Marine Park, Bent House, The Bents, Marsden Cottages, Horsley Hill, coastguard station, Marsden, Whitburn Colliery and North Eastern Paper Mills.

Scale: 1:10,560

Date: May-1918

Reference: D/DLI 2/3/10

Where to find this: Durham County Record Office

Contributed by Durham County Record Office

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