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Postcard from Farrance Thomas Glazin to his wife, Kitty

South Shields Seaplane mechanic writes home

Transcript of postcard:

My dearest K,

You will see I have marked the barracks with a X, that the front entrance facing the road, I have to come [ ]s this road, following the direction the train lines are running, when I am on liberty. Of course this photo was taking in the summertime. Where you see the tram standing is where they stop & then run back to the town again. You cannot see the sea on this as it is in the rear of the building & our machine sheds are away on the sands on the left of the barracks. I thought you would like this photo to keep by you dear.
Goodly darling with my love,

Where to find this: Pam Hearnden’s family archive

Contributed by Pam Hearnden | Debra Hearnden | Durham County Record Office

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